Leaflets and guides

We've produced a series of guides about arranging child maintenance. We also have several guides to help you with some of the issues you might be dealing with as a separated parent.

Child maintenance decisions

Information for parents with the day-to-day care of their child (1.2MB) PDF

Explains the different options receiving parents have for arranging child maintenance.

Information for parents living apart from their child (1.2MB) PDF

Explains the different options paying parents have for arranging child maintenance.

Helping someone you know (811KB) PDF

Things to keep in mind if you’re helping a friend or family member make arrangements for children.

Talking about money guide (1.2MB) PDF

Help preparing to put a family-based arrangement in place, including what to include and how to manage the conversation.

Child maintenance and staying safe (181KB) PDF

Information about child maintenance for people concerned about domestic violence or abuse.

Supporting separated families

Practical support for separating parents (1.2MB) PDF

A useful starting point for parents dealing with a range of separation issues. Topics include money, benefits, housing, legal rights and the law, childcare and parenting arrangements.

Dealing with emotions after separation (940KB) PDF

Support for parents in dealing with their own feelings and helping children cope when a relationship ends.

Getting in contact with your child’s other parent (1.3MB) PDF

Help with some of the emotional and practical things you may wish to consider if you are thinking of re-establishing contact.

Managing conflict with your child’s other parent (844KB) PDF

Help understanding how conflict affects children and what parents can do to resolve the issues.

Parenting together after separation (790MB) PDF

Help understanding how you can both stay involved in children’s lives and work together in their best interests.

About Child Maintenance Options

How to complain about Child Maintenance Options (307KB) PDF

Explains the Child Maintenance Options complaints process.