Tools and guides

We've provided some tools, leaflets and information to help you find out how to calculate and talk about child maintenance, record a family-based arrangement and manage your finances.

  Maintenance calculator  

Get an indication of how much child maintenance you might pay or receive through the CMS.

  Family-based arrangement form  

This form is easy to fill out and may help you and the other parent record the details of your arrangement.

  Leaflets and guides  

Read our leaflets on arranging child maintenance and common concerns for separated parents.


  Benefits table  

Details of various types of financial support you may be entitled to as a parent.

  Discussion guide  

Read our guide to talking about child maintenance arrangements with the other parent.

  The cost of raising your child  

How much does it cost to bring up a child? It’s a question that’s important for separated parents. Use these forms to help you make an estimate.


  Other useful organisations  

Specialist organisations giving advice on parenting, access, mediation, law, jobs and money.

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Tools provided by other organisations

  Sorting out separation web app  

Find help and support for separated parents with the Sorting out separation web app.

  Divorce & Separation calculator  

If you are divorcing, separating or dissolving a civil partnership in England or Wales, this confidential tool can help you stay on top of your finances, look at how you might split what you have and work out what you owe.

  Ministry of Justice child arrangements  

The Ministry of Justice provides a service for people who need to make Child Custody Arrangements, but may be in dispute with the other parent. The service will help you to compare the available options and prepare to make arrangements.


  Financial healthcheck tool  

Answer a series of questions to get a quick, free and confidential financial health check. The results will give you advice and guidance tailored for your situation. guide to managing your CSA case  

Impartial advice and information for parents without main care. Find out how to manage your CSA case - including how to avoid debt and legal action.

  Family Information Services Finder  

This tool will help you find your nearest Family Information Service, where you can get information about local childcare services. They also offer extra help if you need childcare for a child with a disability or special needs, or if you need out of hours childcare.


  Budget planner  

This simple tool can help you plan your finances as your circumstances change.