Child Maintenance Options has been working closely with a variety of charities including Shelter, who have supplied the following pages providing examples of a variety of the tools and services which they have to offer.

Please note that all links from this page go to the Shelter England website. Visit Shelter’s other websites if you live in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Who are Shelter?

Shelter is a national charity who believes everyone should have a home.

The last few years have been tough for many people with unemployment, mortgage, rent arrears and repossessions rising. More than one million people a year come to us for advice and support via our website, helpline, and national face to face services.

If you’re having housing problems now or you’re concerned about the future – or if you know somebody having problems – Shelter can provide valuable help and advice.

How Shelter can help

A dedicated section of our website looks at the housing and related problems you may face when going through a relationship breakdown, so if you’re separated or separating from your partner we may be able to help you. You’ll also find advice for people with children.
Shelter also cover a wide range of housing issues on our Get Advice pages.

For example, you’ll find helpful advice and answers to questions on:

Families and Relationships - Understanding your rights whether they are family members, your husband, wife or civil partner, an opposite sex or same-sex partner.

Homelessness - Find out where to go for help and check whether the council has to house you.

Paying for a home - Work out what you can afford, if you can claim housing benefit and get help if you’re already in arrears.

Renting and leasehold - Find out how the law protects you if you’re a tenant, leaseholder or licensee.

Eviction - Know your rights if you are threatened with eviction. Landlords must follow the rules.

Repossession - You may not have to lose your home. Understand how the process can be stopped.

Useful information

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  • Please note that all links from Child Maintenance Options pages go to the Shelter England website. Visit Shelter’s other websites for help with and information on homelessness and housing issues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This page has been provided by Shelter and do not represent the views or opinions of Child Maintenance Options.

There may be a charge for professionals using Shelter's services