Child Maintenance Options has been working closely with a variety of parent support organisations including Mumsnet, who have supplied the following pages providing examples of a variety of tools and services which they have to offer.

Back in 2000, Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts wanted somewhere to go to swap information, problems and advice with other mums. When she couldn’t find such a place, she went about setting up what is now one of the biggest and most popular UK parenting sites on the net. 

We are mostly staffed by mums working flexibly part-time. Our philosophy is simple: to make parents' lives easier by pooling knowledge, experience and support.

How we can help

Whether you are a new mum, a mum with kids at school or a mum with teenage kids, Mumsnet could be the place for you! Not only could you find some useful information or support from our website, you might even be able to offer the same service to other mums through our online forums and blogs.

Mumsnet is an online hub of parenting information. It can help you to find out more about a range of subjects such as:

The Mumsnet Community

The Mumsnet website is a mixture of interactive chat forums and informative articles, so it’s a place where you can network with other mums and share worries, experience and ideas, as well as just getting information.

Example forums are:

Mumsnet also has sections for product reviews, competitions and special offers.

This page has been provided by Mumsnet and do not represent the views or opinions of Child Maintenance Options.

Mumsnet do not charge for using their services or tools.

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