The ManKind Initiative

Child Maintenance Options has been working closely with a number of charities offering support for victims of abuse and domestic violence. Mankind have supplied the following pages, providing examples of work which they carry out and services they offer.

The Mankind Initiative is a national charity that helps and supports male victims.
One in six men will be a victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime.
If you are a male victim of domestic abuse:

  • you are not alone;
  • you are not to blame;
  • you are not "weak".

How Mankind can help you.

No matter what a man's background, age, job, race or sexuality, ManKind will give all the support it can to men suffering violence or other domestic abuse from their partner.

Calling Mankind's helpline on 01823 334244 for information, emotional support or both is the first step many men take to talk to someone about the problems they face.

  • We can help restore your confidence;
  • We can help you realise you’re not to blame;
  • We can just be someone to talk to.

We can also provide information in many areas to help men by:

  • Offering guidance on reporting incidents;
  • Giving information on police procedures;
  • Signposting callers to professional legal services, housing and refuge support.

Who calls ManKind?

We get calls from men who have experienced domestic abuse across all sectors of society: from dustmen and doctors to bankers and builders and from men in their twenties to men in their eighties.

And we positively welcome calls from mothers, sisters and friends of male victims who want more information.

Read about men and mothers who have shared their experiences.

This page has been provided by the ManKind Initiative and do not represent the views or opinions of Child Maintenance Options.

Mankind may charge for their services.