The Grandparents’ Association

Child Maintenance Options has been working closely with a variety of support organisations, including the Grandparents’ Association, in order to ensure that we can provide appropriate information and guidance.

Who are The Grandparents’ Association

The Grandparents' Association is a national charity who celebrates the joys of grand parenting.  We have been working with and for grandparents to achieve positive outcomes for grandchildren for decades.  We have grown into a thriving national charity, with around 1,000 members nationwide.

What do The Grandparents’ Association do?

The Grandparents’ Association’s aim is to improve the lives of children by working with and for all grandparents. We believe that:

  • A special relationship exists between grandchildren and grandparents.
  • Decisions should always be made in the child's best interests.
  • Ageism should not feature in any decision taken in the best interest of the child's welfare and future.
  • Younger people and older people can learn from each other.

How can The Grandparents’ Association help and support me?

The Grandparents’ Association are there for every grandparent, but we can particularly support those who:

  • Have lost or are losing contact with their grandchildren because of divorce, family feud or other problems.
  • Are caring for their grandchildren on a full time basis.
  • Have childcare responsibilities for their grandchildren.
  • Are interested in the educational and welfare needs of their grandchildren.

We can help you in various ways through the following services:-

This page has been provided by The Grandparents’ Association and does not represent the views or opinions of Child Maintenance Options.

There may be a charge for using some of the Grandparents’ Association services.