Families Need Fathers

This page has been provided by Families Need Fathers and briefly explains about some of their support services.

Families Need Fathers is a self-help charity providing information and support for separated and divorced parents and the extended family.

Our aim is to help make sure that children are brought up with the love and guidance of both parents, through ‘Shared Parenting’.  The help available is based on real experience and delivered by those who understand what it’s like to be a parent after separation.

Our website offers legal information, separation advice, and news 24 hours a day.

Services we provide

A national telephone helpline 0300 0300 363 – Open Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10pm. You can discuss your situation with a sympathetic person who will listen and answer your questions.

Local branch meetings - we have branches all over the UK where you can get advice and support, and learn from the experiences of others.

Factsheets and guides  - dealing with a wide range of issues from Parental Responsibility, schools and doctors to CAFCASS and representing yourself in court.

Online Forum - connect with other people going through similar situations.

Who can join?

Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the work of Families Need Fathers. Our members include fathers, mothers, Parents with care and Non-resident parents, grandparents, new partners and friends.

This page has been provided by Families Need Fathers and does not represent the views or opinions of Child Maintenance Options.

Families Need Fathers may charge you for their services.

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