Help dealing with separation

Separation can be a difficult time for parents. It is common to feel alone and overwhelmed. Meanwhile, you have to make decisions and plans, and carry on parenting despite all the upheaval. This section aims to give you some help with this.

Coping with separation

It’s normal to experience a range of overwhelming emotions when you go through separation. Find out how you can start to deal with these feelings.

Dealing with your emotions

Your child may be struggling to deal with their emotions too – discover what you can do to make things easier for them.

Helping your child with separation

Money is one of separating parents’ biggest concerns. Read how to take control of your new financial situation.

Finances after separation

Parenting apart

It’s usually better for children when both parents are involved in their lives. Take the first steps towards working together with your ex-partner as "co-parents".

Co-parenting after separation

Learn how to manage conflict with your ex-partner, so you can both focus on the needs of your child.

Managing conflict after separation

Understand the rules around contact arrangements, and why it’s so important for children to spend time with both parents.

Child maintenance and contact arrangements

Get help talking to your ex-partner about arrangements for the children.

About Mediation

Practical issues

Get the facts about separation, divorce and dissolving civil partnerships.

Ending a relationship

Sorting out where you are going to live is one of the first things you’ll need to do when you separate.

Housing rights and options

Other useful organisations

Get more information, advice and support from other useful organisations