Ending CSA arrangements

Between 2014 and 2017 the Child Support Agency (CSA) is contacting all clients about ending their current child maintenance arrangements and offering them support to put a new arrangement in place. If you are affected by these changes the CSA will write to you when it is time to act. Contact Child Maintenance Options to find out more about what to do when your CSA arrangement is ending and what your options are.

What to do when your CSA arrangement is ending

Both parents have a responsibility to support their children so it is very important that you make a new arrangement. There are different types of arrangements parents can make to support their children when their CSA arrangement ends. Once your arrangement ends the CSA will no longer collect and pay out child maintenance for you. Make sure that you don’t end up without a child maintenance arrangement for your children.

Making your own child maintenance arrangement

Family-based arrangements are child maintenance arrangements which parents have agreed between themselves. They can be easy to sort out, flexible, and help parents to work together and focus on what’s best for their children. Find out more about what a family-based arrangement is and how to make one.

Family-based arrangements

Making a Child Maintenance Service arrangement

If you are unable to make a family-based arrangement you can apply to use the Child Maintenance Service to help you sort out your maintenance arrangements.

Child Maintenance Service arrangements

Other arrangements

If you live in England or Wales, you can go through the courts to put a consent order in place. In Scotland you can make a contract called a minute of agreement.