Other arrangements

If you can’t make a family-based arrangement work for you, you can make a statutory child maintenance arrangement. Alternatively, you could ask the courts to get involved.

Statutory child maintenance arrangements

Statutory arrangements are arrangements put in place by the Government's statutory child maintenance service.

The Child Maintenance Service opened in 2012 and now manages all new applications for a statutory arrangement. It uses slightly different rules to the Child Support Agency, which is closed to new applications but still manages many statutory arrangements set up before December 2013.

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Consent orders (a type of court order in England and Wales)

Parents living apart in England and Wales can also arrange child maintenance by going through the courts to put a consent order in place.

Minute of agreement (in Scotland)

In Scotland, you can make a contract called a minute of agreement. This can be registered to make it legally binding, without needing to go to court.

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