About Child Maintenance Options

  • Who can use the Child Maintenance Options service?

    We work with both parents because we are impartial. Our service is also available to family, friends, guardians, concerned professionals and anyone in England, Wales and Scotland with an interest in child maintenance.

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  • What can Child Maintenance Options help me with?

    We can talk you through your options for arranging child maintenance. We can also give you information to help you decide if your current child maintenance arrangement is the best one for your circumstances. We're impartial which means we aren't biased towards any one way of arranging child maintenance. We can also offer practical help dealing with separation, such as emotional support and tips for managing your new financial situation. We can also help you find other useful organisations which can offer you specialist advice.

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  • What's the difference between Child Maintenance Options and the statutory child maintenance services?

    At Child Maintenance Options we provide impartial information and support to help both parents make informed choices about child maintenance.

    The statutory child maintenance service can arrange child maintenance on your behalf.

    We can't arrange child maintenance for you, and we can’t look into individual statutory child maintenance service cases either.

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  • Can Child Maintenance Options get me access to my child?

    No. Child maintenance is a separate issue from access to (or contact with) your child. To find out more, read child maintenance and contact arrangements. If you'd like help with arranging access, you can speak to Cafcass. Our links page shows other organisations that can help you with access.

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  • If I'm not happy with the service I get from Child Maintenance Options, what can I do?

    We always want to hear about ways we can improve the service we provide to customers. That's why we ask for all feedback - positive and negative. You can either call us on freephone 0800 988 0988, or contact us, or write to us at Child Maintenance Options, PO Box 578, ROTHERHAM, S63 3FP.

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  • What does Child Maintenance Options do with my data?

    At Child Maintenance Options we understand the concerns around the collection and use of personal information. To find out more, you can read our privacy policy.

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We offer a callback service because you may be charged by your provider if you use a mobile phone.